Curious as to how Movanis could benefit your company?


Outdoor transport

The development of our own software algorithms allows our AGV's to outdoor environments in all typical weather conditions. They all have the ability to be fitted with a weather package.

Connecting buildings

With our tugger AGV's we can easily connect different locations or buildings by running automated transport with one or more trailers. Up to 35 Tons of goods can be transported in one trip, ideal for long-distance transportation.

Heavy industry

Lifting capacities of up to 8000 kg and towing up to 35 ton makes it suitable for heavy industry standards. The possibility of custom fork attachments makes special load handling possible.

End-of-line handling

Handling goods from the end of the production line into warehousing areas is one of the most used concepts for AGV transportation. Communication with ERP/WMS systems or machine-controlled orders can be handled with care.

Industry 4.0

EasyDashboards provides you with the benefits that come with Industry 4.0 such as data analyses and connectivity. Allowing you to gain insight in your key KPI's, predictive maintenance, logistic transport optimization, warehouse optimization en much more. 

Bulk warehousing

Bulk warehouses have complexities like unpredictable pallet positioning and the lack of predictable navigation reference points. Requiring advanced vision and navigation technologies allowing us to stack and pickup pallets based on relative positioning rather than absolute positioning which typical AGV applications would require.

Unstructured warehousing

Special goods, rare forms, non-palletized products, ... with the right custom fork attachments and adapted software algorithm we can handle your products.

Truck loading

Relative positioning based on image processing is one of our top developments that makes it possible to adapt to the random positioning of trucks in loading areas.