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Lithium-ion Battery Systems

Movanis offers lithium-ion battery systems for industrial and warehouse vehicles to keep your operations running efficiently. Lithium-ion batteries are a more compact, less heavy, and a faster rechargeable alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries. Increased application of lithium technology within the automotive sector caused the technology to be more and more accessible and affordable for other implementations like electric forklifts and warehouse vehicles, AGV’s, UPS systems and energy storage systems.

Advantages of lithium-ion batteries are among others:

>>  High energy density: larger energy capacity per unit of volume

>>  Long lifetime, more than 20.000 charge cycles

>>  Safe chemical composition, due to the absence of carbon components

>>  Very short recharge times, under 10 minutes is possible 

>>  Opportunity charging possible: batteries have no memory effect

>>  Equal performance at extremely high and low temperatures.

>>  Maintenance-free and environmentally friendly


Movanis’ lithium-ion battery systems are composed of lithium titanate battery cells (LTO). This recent development does not use carbon at the anode, causing the battery to heat up less and to be safer than classic lithium batteries.

LTO: best in class

We will give you an overview why LTO can be considered best in class in comparison with lead or Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).