Curious as to how Movanis could benefit your company?


The Taurus AGV has a lifting capacity of 2000kg. It comes with an automatic spreader/shifter system. The Taurus is well equipped for transports of wide loads or loads with varying width.

The Titan outdoor is a counterbalanced forklift with a lifting capacity up to 8000kg.

  • Suited for outdoor use

  • Capable for rough terrain

  • Counterbalanced solution

  • Large lift capacity

The Atlas is a compact, counterbalanced forklift truck which can lift up to 1500 kgs. Automatic fork adjustment and sideshift are available as an option for the Atlas truck.

Movanis Carrier is a counter balanced, 4-way sideloader that is ideal for transporting very long loads

  • transport of very long loads

  • counterbalanced solution

  • transport of heavy loads

The Sigma is a tugger AGV that is used for automated transport with one or more trailers. The robust design allows to pull loads up to 6 ton both indoor as outdoor. Loading and unloading on the tugger trains is fully automatic.