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Movanis launches new brand MoveOn for their fast EV chargers

Movanis is proud to announce that together with the launch of their new business stream in fast EV chargers, they will also launch a new brand MoveOn. Movanis has been active for many years in the development and production of AGV’s and will continue to do so. When launching our EV chargers in a completely new market segment, we felt the need to create a new brand for this product range. And so, MoveOn was born. You can find everything you need to know about MoveOn and its product portfolio on

McBride: making moves with Movanis

Our smart driverless systems offer reliable and flexible solutions for automated warehouse transport. But instead of going into great detail about the ins and outs of these systems, why don’t we let the companies who use them talk about their experience first-hand?

Everything you need to know about outdoor AGVs

Last year we launched the first ever outdoor AGV. What’s so revolutionary about this? And how does Movanis stand out? Read all about it here.


The Taurus AGV has a lifting capacity of 2000kg. It comes with an automatic spreader/shifter system. The Taurus is well equipped for transports of wide loads or loads with varying width.

The Titan outdoor is a counterbalanced forklift with a lifting capacity up to 2500kg.

  • Suited for outdoor use

  • Capable for rough terrain

  • Counterbalanced solution

  • Large lift capacity

  • Comes standard with a hydraulic fork shifter, and optionally with a hydraulic fork spreader

The Titan heavy is a counterbalanced forklift with a lifting capacity up to 8000kg.

  • Suited for outdoor use

  • Capable for rough terrain

  • Counterbalanced solution

  • Large lift capacity

  • Custom fork attachments

The Atlas is a compact, counterbalanced forklift truck which can lift up to 1500 kgs. Automatic fork adjustment and sideshift are available as an option for the Atlas truck.


Analysis and  advice

When you are considering an investment in logistics automation, it is useful to make an analysis of the existing situation in advance, in order to gain insight into the conditions that a future automated system must meet. A Movanis logistics analysis offers you the opportunity to make your decision well-founded, based on correct key figures such as investment cost, maintenance cost and payback time.


At Movanis you can count on a thorough service, at any time. Our service engineers are permanently on standby to remotely call in on the AGV system in your company to provide first-line assistance to your technical department in the event of a malfunction. In case of serious breakdowns, we are quickly on site to solve the problem.


At Movanis you can count on extensive maintenance so that the down-time of your AGV system is kept to an absolute minimum. There are various options for periodic, preventive maintenance. Software updates can be performed remotely. In the event of an unforeseen breakdown, our service engineers will quickly solve the problem on-site. For this we always have the necessary spare parts in stock.


Movanis organizes specific training courses for system integrators, maintenance personnel and operators. These training courses are always tailored to the user and their specific AGV system and take place in our company or on-site at the customer.