Automated transport between buildings

In any plant with more than one building, goods are transported externally. The only contribution of humans to these logistic processes is driving. Let this be one of the things that can be automated. Furthermore, there are various negative effects of manual driving by humans: damage to goods, damage to facilities, safety risks ... 


With our unique outdoor AGV’s we are the worldwide leader in the automation of outdoor handling and transportation of goods. We provide AGV solutions adapted to your plant and not the other way around! We develop automated and autonomous solutions for indoor and outdoor heavy and hazardous operations, contributing to the rapid progress of Industry 4.0. These AGV’s can optimize logistic flows in all demanding environments, improve safety, free resources for higher added value activities, …


The sigma outdoor is our outdoor tugger AGV and it allows you to run automated transport between locations with one or more trailers. Depending on the selected base model, you can pull loads from 5 tons up to even 35 tons. Our sigma is ideal for long-distance transportation between buildings.


These AGV’s can be active in all ordinary weather conditions like rain, sunshine, … and don’t need those extremely flat ground surfaces anymore. The advantages of implementing these AGV’s to your current site without the need for expensive adaptations to ground surfaces, traffic roads, building entrances, pick up and drop off zones, … are worth the investment.


Movanis sigma Outdoor benefits:

- Weather-protected product transportation

- Outdoor transportation in all weather conditions

- No extremely flat ground surfaces are needed

- No adaptations required to the company’s infrastructure

- Increasing personal safety as well as materials safety

- 24/7 autonomous operations possible

- Reducing operating costs

- Fast and safe trailer connection with our proprietary “Easy trailer” software


Investing in automated guided vehicles allows you to run these transportations 24/7 without any interruptions. Combined with our fast-charging battery technology they can be automatically charged within 12 minutes and it does not need a single manual interaction. Depending on the application we use laser scanners and/or GPS for navigation.

Our software allows the creation of transport orders based on ERP communication, predefined business rules, or user interactions with our software.

Curious as to how Movanis could benefit your company? Could you do with saving time and money by automating your logistics? Get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to listen to your needs or challenges and see what we can come up with together. Book your no-obligation consultation today!