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About Us

Solutions for logistics automation

Movanis specialises in applications for intralogistics automation adapted to the needs of the customer. Movanis turns serial warehousing equipment like lift trucks, tuggers and shuttles into Automated Guided Vehicles: AGV's. Our AGV’s navigate using laser or GPS technology, facilitating indoor and outdoor activities. Our AGV’s are equipped with automatic pellet detection and obstacle avoidance technology making them safe solutions. Our AGV’s are powered by in-house developed lithium-ion battery systems. Recharge cycles of 12 minutes allow constant AGV-activity for 24/7 work environments.

The automation of overhead and gantry cranes is one of our core activities. Movanis develops functional modules, like EasySway, to provide safe and competitive crane control systems.

Technological leader in automation

Movanis focuses on the development and sales of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) systems, crane controls and lithium-ion battery systems.  Our smart driverless systems offer reliable, efficient and flexible solutions for your automated warehouse transport.

Movanis was founded in 2008. What started as a research and innovation project into Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology, is now a stand-alone production line of AGV systems for logistics applications and lithium-ion battery technology. Movanis is a reliable partner to many industrial customers in Flanders and abroad, and an ideal innovation partner to research centres and universities.

Reliability, performance and flexibility

Vision:  A smart driverless system of Movanis is adapted to your factory, not the other way around.

Values:  You can count on our 3 commitments: reliability, performance and flexibility.

Movanis transforms serial vehicles of renown manufacturers into reliable and high-performance smart driverless systems i.e. AGV's and crane controls. The engineering, mechanical and electrical construction, installation and all software development for our solutions are all provided by the Movanis team. This means that you only need one partner for the development of your AGV or crane control system, and it creates an extremely flexible development set-up that is driven by the specific needs of your application. Smart driverless systems of Movanis lower your operational costs and increase safety.


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