Logimat 2023 Pre-show Press Release


Pioneer in tailor-made automation solutions


In- and outdoor AGV’s improve safety and lower costs


February 1, 2023 –Movanis designs, builds and installs smart driverless systems. We are a pioneer in the outdoor use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s).  “We offer tailor-made solutions. Our AGV’s are up and running for a broad range of clients in different sectors”, opens general manager Bart Clymans, “The result? More safety and less costs”.

Movanis started out as a research project in 2008 but evolved quickly to a pioneer in Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology. This Belgian company turns serial warehousing transport into smart driverless systems that operate fully autonomous and 24/7. This means operational costs are lowered significantly. “The various negative effects of manual driving, think of damage to goods, staff shortage or vacation periods, are all resolved”, adds Bart Clymans, general manager of Movanis. “Another advantage is safety. With our innovative laser technology, including obstacle avoidance, accidents are ruled out. Furthermore, we strongly believe that our AGV’s should be adapted to the factory, not the other way around. So major infrastructural changes are not necessary”.


Our outdoor AGV’s proof themselves every day

The clients of Movanis are situated in Belgium and abroad. And spread over a broad range of sectors. “We transform every serial warehousing equipment into smart driverless system with automatic pallet detection. From (counterbalanced) forklifts, sideloaders to tuggers. Even outdoor transport, in all typical weather conditions, is possible”, explains Bart. “We developed exclusive algorithms to cope with these outdoor factors. Worn ground or uneven surfaces and slopes? Our outdoor AGV’s proof themselves every day and concur these challenges with no issue”.


12 minutes

The AGV’s of Movanis are powered by in-house designed lithium-ion battery systems. These batteries are not only more compact and less heavy than traditional lead-acid alternatives. The charging time is also faster: AGV’s can be automatically charged within 12 minutes without one single manual interaction and without degradation of the batteries. “Our batteries even allow opportunity charging. With this method, the availability of the AGV is maximized by using the idle time to charge the batteries back to full capacity.



For every project Movanis thinks out a tailor-made solution. The Movanis team starts with an analysis of the existing situation. “Secondly, we identify the conditions that the future automated system must meet. Including correct key figures such as investment cost, maintenance cost and ROI. From engineering, mechanical and electrical construction, software development, installation, training and support: we are a reliable partner from A to Z”, concludes Bart.