3 examples of sustainability at Movanis

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It has become a necessity in any line of business now. It’s clear that all companies have to do their bit, but sustainability can be taken from a multitude of angles. In this blog post, we explain just 3 of the ways in which we at Movanis have integrated sustainability into our life and business.

#1 We’re 100% customers first

Our customers come first. Offering sustainable solutions to our customers is our business model after all. One of the ways in which this manifests itself is in our products themselves. Of course, AGVs are no disposable consumer goods. There’s no programmed obsolescence in our world either. We make AGVs that will be with you for the long run. Machines that are energy efficient with very low electricity consumption, making them last much longer. AGVs do not emit harmful gases into the environment and our cutting-edge charging and battery systems efficiently transform energy for the vehicle’s use. And that’s how by being sustainable ourselves, we help our customers be more sustainable too. A win-win!

#2 Happy staff make for happy customers

For any company, employees are key drivers in implementing and maintaining sustainability measures. But staff has to be happy first, and have the autonomy to do their bit for sustainability.

At Movanis, we advocate a ‘people first’ policy. Turnover and profits are important but we know that these come from having a great team first. Business must never come at the cost of people.

Although our team is small, company culture is very high on the agenda for us. And a small team has its advantages too. It means ideas for improvements can be implemented quickly. When people can grow within a business, they will be more inclined to make plans and have ideas for the future and to work towards long-term goals. One of the examples of how we facilitate our team doing their bit for sustainability is our cyclist-friendly environment. We don’t just encourage our staff to cycle to work, we offer all the infrastructure for them to do so, even including showers and changing rooms at work.

#3 We create an environmentally friendly workplace

As the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’. And for us, sustainability begins in the workplace. At Movanis, we have implemented all possible energy-saving measures in our own working environment. Firstly, we generate our own electricity and our battery systems store it. Have you heard of the Tesla Powerwall? Well, we developed the industrial version that can provide 5 times more power for the same battery capacity. This allows us to drastically reduce peaks with our peak-shaving algorithm. Solar panels generate our lighting etc., plus any surplus energy is stored for later use in batteries.

Our workplace is fully CO2-neutral. All the electricity we use is 100% green, with no fossil fuels used for heating or production. So many of our vehicles and machinery are electric that we can compensate for any remaining fuel use with solar panels.

This way, we keep all our energy in-house and don’t put pressure on the grid. Apart from our own electricity usage, we can use this energy for charging our AGVs too. But what about electric cars? We can charge them too with our high-power DC chargers!

Are you curious as to what AGVs could do for your business? Or do you want to find out more about EV charging stations and battery load-balancing systems? Contact us! We’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have.