Flanders Make selects the AGV system from Movanis

Flanders Make is the research center for the manufacturing industry. They develop technological solutions for and together with companies that help them to be more competitive. For example, they do research into autonomous mobile systems for various applications, such as the agricultural, logistics and assembly sector. They apply knowledge from the automotive industry and have various test platforms such as self-driving cars, an agricultural vehicle with autonomous work functions, robots and drones.

Christoph Mannaerts (Researcher at Flanders Make) says: “Robust algorithms that enable these systems to safely avoid both known and unknown obstacles or to independently and accurately cover a complex trajectory, are very important. To be able to develop, validate and demonstrate these techniques in an industrial environment, we started a search for a flexible, automatically guided vehicle (AGV). Movanis, which focuses on the development and commercialization of AGVs and lithium batteries, has answered our question with an appropriate and accessible platform. The company not only considers innovation to be of paramount importance, but could also offer the most suitable solution to meet our needs.”

Movanis explains their technological leadership

The revolutionary EasyPilot software from Movanis has the capability to avoid obstacles on the trajectory, while other AGV systems typically can only stop and wait until the obstacle is removed from their path. Obstacle avoidance results in a more robust, safe, continuous and faster flow of your goods throughout your factory.

The EasyPilot software also has the capability to search for a pallet at a defined location. This significantly expands the range of transport actions the system can do. It can for example also pick up pallets that are manually placed in a more random fashion in a warehouse, at the end of a production line or on a truck.

Demonstration video featuring obstacle avoidance and pallet detection:

Besides positioning on reflectors for indoor applications, it can also position on GPS for outdoor applications. Furthermore, it can seamlessly switch between these positioning systems. Allowing fast and smooth transition between indoor and outdoor scenes.

A Movanis system can also be equipped with an automatic spreader system. This significantly decreases pick-up and drop-off time by moving both forks independently to their correct position without the need of repositioning the complete AGV. A spreader further expands the range of transport actions the system can do to multiple types of pallets with different dimensions.

All these and more make Movanis a technology leader in the industry!