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Mobile Battery Charger

Movanis’ Mobile Battery Charger (MBC) is a mobile quick charger for warehouse vehicles and forklifts. The MBC guarantees that the standard lead-acid battery of the vehicle is continuously recharged.

The MBC system system communicates directly with the charging station through a transmitter/receiver. The lift truck driver only needs to position the forklift at the charging station. The charging process initiates and proceeds fully automatically afterwards. Just 12 minutes later the forklift is ready to participate in the production process, and this almost continuously (24/7).

A charging station can handle about 10 forklifts, which results in saving space as each individual forklift does not longer requires its own charging station. The system is modular. It is placed onto existing electrical forklifts and does not replace but continuously charges the lead battery. The lifetime increases significantly as complete discharging of lead batteries is avoided. The system is a cost-saving alternative for the traditional lithium-ion system promoted by forklift producers. The return-on-invest is merely two months.

Movanis’ MBC are available for batteries of 24V and 48V.


MBC type







Capacity Data sheet
MBC 48 - 24 -40A 48V 24V 40A 80Ah
MBC 96 - 48 - 40A 96V 48V 40A 80Ah
MBC 192 - 24 - 80A 192V 24V 80A 80Ah
MBC 192 - 48 - 40A 192V 48V 40A 160Ah
MBC 192 - 80 - 60A 192V 80V 60A 160Ah

The patented system is the result of a collaboration with Toshiba, and partly financed by the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (

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Check our demonstration video for automated guided forklifts:

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